The Moving Center

In-person Workshops

Empowering parents as well as their children is at the core of our work. As practitioners, we completely focus on your child for the duration of the lesson, helping their brain to learn new experiences through movement, connection and play. We also know that outside the lessons there is the real world with busy schedules and everyday activities. We see how every parent is devoted to help their child to have the best life they can, and how often anxiety and worry about their diagnosis and their future has an effect on their relationship and, inevitably, on what the child learns about themselves and their world.

Supporting parents in recognising their emotions and how they project onto the relationship with their child, and helping parents to learn skills that empower them to see beyond the challenges, being able to turn these challenges into opportunities for learning is what makes our work unique.

Powerful joyful learning and leaps in development happen when we, the practitioners, can help your child’s brain experience new ways of learning through movement, and support you, the parents, in continuing this process at home, where there are so many moments for being creative, growing and learning together with your child. This is why our Intensives go hand in hand with our Workshops.

Although we make the lessons and the Workshop available separately (recognizing that circumstances might be different for everyone and being flexible is part of our approach after all), experiencing the lessons and the workshop together is really the best way to maximise the learning, not to mention the cost-effectiveness of it too!

Each of us also brings our own experience creating a truly unique opportunity of having three practitioners sharing with you directly our knowledge and insights related specifically to your child and your family. An opportunity not to miss!

Online workshops

In 2020 we created our online workshops to support families creating learning opportunities at home as in-person work had been restricted.

Although we have now restarted to work in person and have recently held an in-person intensive and a 2-day workshop for parents, caregivers and therapists in Germany, we have found over the last two years that the work online, coaching parents with their kids at home, has been so powerful and valuable that we decided to continue this important aspect of our work!

During our online workshops, we will join you virtually in your home, helping you discover valuable possibilities in the difficulties that inevitably arise. During the workshop you will apply practical neuroplasticity strategies at home, participate in a group movement lesson for caregivers, and receive 3 individual daily online coaching sessions for you and the child, with followup group discussions and Q&As.

We combine our collegial cooperation, mutual respect, and friendship to create a powerful collaboration. In our work we apply intentional human connection to facilitate learning and change beyond perceived limitations and previous experience. In addition, our team speaks 6 languages, making it easier to connect to you and your child!

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