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1-2:30pm ET (GMT-5)

w/ Andrea Hennen, Eytan Lerner & Matty Wilkinson

Why playfulness?

Playfulness connects us to the fundamental conditions that support learning.  In this series we will teach you a powerful, playful, non-coercive approach that harnesses the connection between movement, attention and function. You will discover that NeuroDevelopmental play is a skill that you can acquire, and it is an effective vehicle to facilitate profound, rapid and lasting change.

The ability to play is the Elusive Obvious, it’s there in plain sight, but we tend to overlook it, and instead attribute success to excessive effort, strain and persistence. However, play is a fundamental engine of creativity and invention throughout much of the animal kingdom. 


Why this course?

Our NeuroDevelopmental method is organized around the elements of playfulness as they are manifested in organic learning in childhood.

Though experiential processes, discussions, video demonstrations, and case studies we will teach you to tap into these fundamental elements of Neuro Developmental Play:














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    Who is this course for?

    Parents, caregivers, practitioners, and professionals who work with children with special needs, and anyone interested in using playfulness to create easy, meaningful and lasting change.

    Watch our talk: Playfulness, Connection & Change

    In this talk we tell three stories about how we use a playful approach to create conditions that suppport learning and change for three children facing very differnet challenges. You will also be guided in a short experiential movement process that will help you bring the ideas home to your embodied experience self.