The Moving Center

Dear Matty, Aytan, and Andrea,

I really took your class for my own inner child (normal by cultural standards) and my old, and softening, rigid adult self.  And I was drawn to it by your presence and how you shared information.  Clear, slow, gentle, celebratory.

What I take away from your offerings is first and foremost the essential aspect of SLOWING DOWN which goes so much against our culture.  This makes space for being silly/playing (rigid me contracts) with no pressure to achieve a certain result.  A goal, perhaps, but no shoving toward it.  And secondly, a calm and spacious caregiver/parent/teacher who knows how to celebrate (and name) just about everything.  What you ARE doing, not what you aren’t doing, and then modifying if necessary.  These learnings are so universal, aren’t they?

Here is a quote I came across yesterday!  The synchronicities that are happening for me seem to include what I’m remembering/learning from your sessions.

Nature’s rhythm is medium to slow.  Many of us live in the fast lane, out of nature’s rhythm.  There are two things we can never do in the fast lane: we can neither deepen our experience nor integrate it.’  Angeles Arrien

Your classes touched so many parts within me. I feel enriched, expanded, and more integrated as a result. Thank you for your work in the world, and with the children and parents who benefit from your knowledge and presence.  May your methods help change the world for one that includes everyone!

There’s always more to say, and I will stop here. Much appreciation.

Judith Morse

Participant of NeuroDevelopmental Playfulness Series

Dear Matty, Etyan, and Andrea,

Wishing you all a most happy and peaceful entrance into the New Year.  
I am so grateful to all of you.  This series over the past few weeks has brought me more joyful insight into my work than I can fully express.  I have loved the time together thinking about possibilities instead of what sadly my therapy profession seems almost groomed for:  looking at what isn’t working well for the child.  
I feel a change in how I can be with families as well, trying to be a conduit of this idea of new possibilities instead of what often felt like the messenger of bad news, looking at what the child couldn’t do.  
Really, thank you all.  This has been life changing and monumental for me.  
And I just loved the video with Kevin and the tubes, Andrea!  It’s all been most beautiful.  
Warm regards, many thanks, and happy new year to each of you and your families.  
Kim Willard


Our first Intensive helped me the most because I learned many ways to interact with my child and apply this at home, which helped him. Learning with attention, doing everything slowly brought us improvement in fine motor skills. In the past it was hard for Arthur to remember and keep what he had learned. Now he’s learning in a normal way: first time is hard but he’s cooperating because I am keeping it very slow; second time is easier, third time he’s able to draw alone what he is supposed to. Also, keeping open goals and not giving in to the pressure that’s coming from school is a big changer of outcomes. Getting in touch with The Moving Center and other parents at the Intensive helps one with this matter. We are now having much fun working together and if something doesn’t work, I don’t worry about it. Usually Arthur proves the contrary in a short time.
After our online Lessons, I received the information to try teaching Arthur things backwards. I applied that in our everyday life and especially with his balancing issues. In 2 months Arthur had big improvements, balancing backwards made him be more attentive and it was also more fun. Now he can balance on a narrow surface alone. He also started jumping.
We are looking forward to the next Intensive and connecting with you!
Anca Mernea


Our family have worked with Andrea, Matty and Eytan as a team since 2020, and with Andrea for longer. They have given us so much to think about, new perspectives, plenty of wisdom and many ways to work with our son as he grows and evolves into a determined 11 year old. Their collective insight has seen us through some difficult times, as we have greatly appreciated their support and intuition at points where we felt at a total loss. Their warmth, wisdom and guiding insight go far beyond the hands-on lessons with your child – fabulous though these are – and they have each contributed hugely valuable learning moments for our family. As a team they strengthen their individual wisdom and skill. Working with Andrea, Eytan and Matty gives you such potent opportunity for change, and your child will thrive in their presence. Our trip to Germany to work with the team was wonderful, and we only wish it had been longer. We have continued the learning from that visit with online coaching, in different formats, and they have also given time to speak with our local ABM practitioner to ensure that the collective insight is shared. What they offer is wonderful, powerful, and a real asset to the ABM community.
Jessica Burger


True love. Deep connections. Highly professional dedication. Miraculous transformations.

These were the things I was blessed to witness during The Moving Center’s intensive week in Germany. With their combined knowledge of 70 years working as Feldenkrais and ABM practitioners, Andrea Hennen, Eytan Lerner and Matty Sankary Wilkinson worked with 14 special kids and their parents in a way that allowed the children to produce the most astonishing outcomes.

The learning got further enhanced by a 2 days workshop where the parents got to experience some profound changes themselves created by a joyful mix of movement lessons, lectures and discussions. NeuroDevelopmental learning at its best.

Heike Joas

ABM practitioner in training, Switzerland

I am so glad we managed to travel to Germany and finally get in-person lessons for Levana with The Moving Center. Such an incredible and inspiring team of practitioners! I got so many valuable insights from watching Eytan and Andrea working with Levana. “Working” doesn’t seem to be the right word though. It was pure joy and very emotional for me to watch the learning process unfolding during the lessons and noticing the changes afterwards. And of course, Levana finally got to hug the legendary Oscar – who himself is a four-legged practitioner and has an amazing effect on Levana. And the 2-day parent workshop was really amazing! Meeting and talking to other parents at the workshop was so heartwarming. I loved the part when we had all our kids there – I never thought I could feel so at home and relaxed among people I have never met. The connection through movement, voice and touch that we practised on each other and with our children was really powerful. Every time Andrea, Matty or Eytan spoke during the workshop, it was like they were speaking to me directly, knowing exactly how I felt and addressing all my anxieties. The guided movement lessons really got me to explore deeply connection to my own body and state of mind. It is incredible how I could not only stay awake during the 45minutes of very slow gentle movements, but become really attuned to myself and discover a part of myself I lost a long time ago. It was very emotional and eye-opening. It probably only makes sense to me, but I just cannot not share this soul-healing and enlightening experience for myself and for Levana. Thank you so-so much, Andrea, Eytan and Matty, for putting together this great week for us and all the families that were there!

Elina Zotova


I really loved the last workshop we did with Eli (7 and on the autism spectrum). Each time we have attended for a weekend, I can see noticeable changes in behavior and the way he socializes. Since, he has been getting dressed on his own without having to ask him many times. He has been getting along with his sister and working out their differences without as much fighting. I love how Eli and his younger sister have a bond and play together every day! Each workshop, I come away with new insights and feel like I see Eli’s brain growing in so many different ways!
Becky Clark


I am a father to a 2.5 year old boy, who was born with few medical and developmental issues. The biggest issue is the fact that he was born with limited development of the right side of his Cerebellum, something we already knew during pregnancy.

After he was born we found out an asymmetry between the two eyes where the left one was located lower than the right one and hidden under the lower lid probably due to the Cerebellum.

Ever since he was born my wife and I tried numerous alternative therapies and methods to help him bridge the developmental gap as he was delayed compared to his age group. Among other things we have tried Osteopathy and chiropractic. I have to say that I did not feel that those therapists were able to connect and work with a one year old baby.

With time my son was catching some of the developmental stages but it was still unsatisfying to us.

A few months ago I came across a testimonial and recommendation of a mother in a FB parents group for kids with developmental issues. She was talking about Eytan Lerner who was working in Israel a few times a year upon families’ invitation, traveling from Canada where he lives.

This was the first time I was exposed to the NeuroMovement Method and the other modalities of the NeuroDevelopmental Learning Through Movement that Eytan Lerner uses in his approach to children.

In my first conversation with Eytan, he described and explained how he is working with both the parents and the child. I was impressed and we scheduled for a marathon of 5 days, twice a day lessons with my son. I began diving into the Feldenkrais and NeuroMovement world.

The Intensive:

Eytan has a marvelous and natural approach to kids and he is very calm and patient.

Every session was about 45 minutes long and to Barry it was not simple as he really is in the habit out of his experience to object to the therapist or practitioner. Regardless of his habit, from one lesson to the next he cooperated a little more and after the session he was unusually tired and fell asleep. I heard from Eytan that it is expected since his brain was creating millions of new connections and this is energy consuming and tiring.

Changes and result we see:

The major changes we have noticed started already on the third day of working together with Eytan. He discovered his mouth and started uttering a new flow of syllables and vowels and consonants and started saying “Mother”.

We also notice big changes in his gait and balance while walking and standing. He was stumbling and falling a lot before and now it does not happen!! It seems that even if he is about to fall, he notices it and he is able to organize himself to stay upright.

His weak right leg is not so weak now and he even started using it to propel himself forward and climb up the stairs. My wife and I were amazed! The coordination between his feet and arms improved so much and he discovered the hands and uses them for gestures and pointing at objects – things he could not and did not do before.

One big and important change that has started emerging after the Intensive Week is that we can give direct instructions or forbid something like playing with the tablet and he won’t have a tantrum but quietly moves to a different toy or other interest — this was unimaginable in the past.

In a more personal tone I can say that I feel that I have been going through big changes myself out of these lessons. Eytan kept stressing the importance of understanding the process of learning by the parents and spent time coaching and equipping us with tools and ideas to create possibilities of learning for our son using day to day interactions with him.

As Eytan is now living abroad we plan to keep on working with him through Zoom sessions combined with him coaching professionals that will work with Barry.

I recommend all parents to children with difficulties to try the NeuroMovement and the NeuroDevelopmental Learning Through Movement approach and reach out to Eytan.

If anyone wants, I will gladly share my experience personally with you (Just ask Eytan and he can refer you). 

A big thank you again, dear Eytan and we plan to see you in the winter when you come again.



I am so glad that I joined the last workshop with Andrea, Matty and Eytan. What a privilege to be able to have space and time to learn from these three incredible practitioners.
The collective insight that they bring, in such a parent centred way, as coaches as well as experienced ABM practitioners, is second to none. Not only did I get to benefit from some deep learning, but I was able to connect with parents and practitioners that brought a host of different experiences and so much shared wisdom to the weekend. A month later, I am still reflecting on those learning moments and it has changed the way my husband and I approach things at home. Jump in and invest in these wonderful workshops – I hope to be able to join another one soon!
Jessica Burger


The practitioners for our seminars are so experienced and have given us lots of new ways to work with my son! I had a lot of Aha moments during the seminars and have attended two so far. I’m excited to attend more in the future and create more possibilities! 🙂
Becky Clark


I am so grateful for the two workshops that my daughter Levana and I have been able to attend with The Moving Center. Andrea, Matty and Eytan are such a great team with so much experience and such genuine interest in helping families and children, creating a really special experience and learning opportunity. I have learned so much every time in those 3 days, about myself and Levana. And there have been so many positive changes in Levana, our relationship and the family as a whole. I love that there is time during the workshop to talk about how I feel and what is happening in our life, then have a movement lesson for myself, which always helps me find my own balance. There is also a lesson for Levana, which is a great experience in itself as Andrea, Matty and Eytan have a wonderful way of connecting and seeing the opportunities that I wasn’t seeing before. And then to rewatch the lesson with them, hear their insights and reflect on and notice opportunities and changes. The first workshop really helped me realise how much more space I can give to Levana, and how it is ok not to know what future might hold for her, but be present in the moment with her without overwhelming her with my care and my ‘translations’ for her of what is happening. There have been so many shifts in Levana since the first workshop, as well as in me. We then continued building on it during the second workshop going deeper into how changes in ourselves can be powerful for giving our children opportunities for changing too. I love that the workshops are also very practical, with lessons for both me and Levana. Andrea, Eytan and Matty have an amazing way of conveying their thoughts in a clear and supportive way, which I find very empowering. Thank you so much! I look forward to continuing growing with you in my understanding and learning how I can help myself and support Levana in her unique learning journey too! 🙏

Elina Zotova


Over the weekend, I attended a wonderful workshop from a trio of experienced Feldenkrais/Anat Banial Method practitioners. I went in hoping to learn some new skills to unlock Elan’s awareness of her movement and begin the long and slow learning process of what it means to move her legs now that she’s been able to stand upright more and more.
The workshop was enlightening and fantastic. It took many ideas I’ve read about and presented the opportunity to apply theories in our own space at home. I received 1-1 coaching over the weekend and more importantly I learned how to alter my own internal wiring and to decouple the present from long term goals.
I didn’t expect anything big to develop. Neuroplasticity is something that unlocks in tiny, subtle changes. Gains take time. Now I appreciate anew that Elan has been taking all of this time (years…..) to make her subtle progress while I hadn’t noticed.
Starting Monday she took her first steps in her NF Walker. It’s an amazing piece of equipment we’ve had for the last 18 months but she has only used it for stationary standing.
Monday a switch flipped and she started moving!
I used the learned principles of attention, subtletly, verbal referencing (reminding her verbally about movements her body was doing). And then waited, waited more and waited a little more. Monday my heart leaped as she took just a couple of small purposeful steps. Then yesterday a little more movement with a little less prompting. Today even more determination and awareness within herself.
I still can’t believe I’m witnessing this happen for her after years of dreaming ❤️🥳❤️
HUGE gratitude to The Moving Center for the great workshop and support!!