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You can help a child achieve their full potential by sponsoring an intensive of 4-10 lessons.

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March intensive donation

We have set up a funding campaign to help more families access our first in-person intensive week, which will take place in March 2022 at Losheim am See, Germany, and where Andrea, Matty and Eytan will be giving lessons to children and giving a 2-day workshop for the parents. We hope that many families from all over the world can come and since we know that some families have few to no financial resources, we would like to start this appeal to help these families! We want to make the workshop accessible to everyone who could benefit from it. For this we are working together and we also need sponsors and good deeds from all of you, so that we can build up a money pool that will enable us to cover: 

  1. not to have to pass on the travel costs, possible hotel/accommodation costs to the parents;
  2. to support the parents to book a week (so called intensive week) of 10 lessons (90€ each) with us or that they get at least some lessons sponsored;
  3. can attend a workshop with us, virtually (three days, 550€) or in person (2 days, 250€).

Your donations can be as little or as big as you wish or are able to give, and you can do this anonymously or we would be very happy to know your name and let the families know who has made it possible for them to have lessons for their child and/or attend the workshop. Please let as many people as possible know about this opportunity to contribute towards someone’s chance of improving their ability to learn and, ultimately, have a brighter future. Thank you for your help and support.

With gratitude, Andrea, Eytan and Matty.