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Lesson Intensives

An Intensive is a set of NeuroDevelopmental Learning Through Movement lessons that incorporate a range of approaches, including Feldenkrais Method®, Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement®, Jeremy Kraus Approach®and our extensive experience of working with children with additional challenges from all over the world. Our next Lesson Intensive will be in Losheim-am-See, Germany, on December 2-8. Find out more and book here.

NeuroDevelopmental Movement lessons

are one-on-one sessions where a practitioner helps a child or an adult connect to themselves through gentle movements using the approach of functional integration.

In-person lessons for children
In-person lessons for children

Using our skills in Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel Method, and Jeremy Kraus approaches, we find an individual approach to every child, accessing their brain through gentle and subtle movement taking advantage of the brain plasticity and the ability to transform and thrive regardless of initial condition and function. Each lesson lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Online lessons with children Lessons page
Online lessons for children

Over the last year and a half we have been working with children and their parents online and have found that although we are not able to guide child’s movement with our hands, we have been able to connect to children through using the essentials of the approaches that we use and through empowering parents help their children, resulting in powerful changes in their development and learning. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

In-person neuromovement lessons for adults
In-person lessons for adults

Learning is not something that is only for children, but is essential for health throughout life.  We work with adults with musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, scoliosis, chronic pain, as well as artists, athletes and those interested in developing greater body/self awareness. By utilising the hands-on practice of the Feldenkrais Method® in what is called Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons, and the essentials of the Anat Baniel Method, we use movement with attention to enhance awareness, clarify fundamental movement patterns, and refine your ability to learn. Each lesson lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Group lessons
Group lessons for adults

In a group Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais lesson, the group is steered through various processes that focus and increase the participants’ awareness through movement. Each lesson emphasizes various aspects of the human movement and functioning. Lessons are conducted in small groups, allowing each student to receive ample attention and individual instructions, further customizing each lesson to their unique needs.

Either while lying on a mattress, seated on a chair or in a variety of other positions, participants learn, through unique movement sequences, how to listen to themselves, raise consciousness to their movements and to the level of unnecessary efforts they invest in each action. Throughout the lessons, the participants’ level of sensitivity to the quality of their movements rises. Participants learn how to implement the new sensations and moving habits in their everyday lives. The futile efforts students invest in various actions will be revealed as those that lead to pains and chronic limitations. Identifying them, therefore, will open a possibility for change and to life without these restraints. A newly acquired freedom of movement and quality of life will motivate further changes and improvements. Each lesson lasts approximately 45 minutes.