The Moving Center

Here you will find recordings of our conversations with parents, colleagues and leading figures of different modalities that are impactful to kids with special needs.

Here is a recording of our first Instagram Live. It was so good to catch up with our friend and colleague, Anat Baniel Method practitioner, Heike Joas, and to talk about what she noticed during her week with us in Germany working with children, parents and physiotherapists. Thank you, Heike, for such great company and your valuable comments. And also thank you to everyone who joined us, commented and asked questions. We are looking forward to more live chats and would love to hear your suggestions for topics and your questions.

In this video Eytan is interviewed by Ana Maria Pardo, an ABM Neuromovement® practitioner herself and the founder of the Move & Bloom practice. Their chat is titled “NeuroMovement® and Kids” with Eytan sharing his journey through Feldenkrais world while also being a homeschooling parent, a professional singer and a commercial and voice-over announcer. We hope you enjoy it.

Dr Deborah Zelinsky is a pioneer in the field of neuro-optometry, using glasses to change how the brain processes information. We had a fascinating conversation with her about the interconnections between her work and NeuroDevelopmental Movement. She has a wealth of knowledge about the science and art of neuro-rehabilitation, and is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate for our work.

Watch the full conversation we had with Paul Madaule, Dr. Tomatis successor from the Canadian Listening Centre in Toronto.
We were working mutually with some little client and the mutual work of the NeuroMovement and Feldenkrais methods with the listening therapy seem to to produce great changes with the kids we work with.
We discussed topics like the difference between stimulation and information, hearing vs. listening and the similarities in our perception and way of work