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In-person intensive and parent workshop sign-up form

Please read through the contract paying attention to the cancellation terms in particular. Once you have accepted the terms, you can proceed to payment. Your place at the intensive and workshop can only be confirmed once you have submitted all the required information and payment. The information you provide will be held strictly confidential.


PPOn holding a weeklong intensive sessions and/or parent workshop in NeuroDevelopmental Learning Through Movement for children with special needs in Germany. 

Between “the Client” (first name, last name, and address provided below)

And “the Practitioners” Eytan Lerner, Andrea Hennen, and Matty Wilkinson from The Moving Center- Neurodevelopmental Learning Through Movement.

Address: Lannenbach 13, 66679 Losheim am See, Germany

The Clients hereby engages the Practitioner and the Practitioner undertakes obligations to conduct 5-6 days of intensive sessions of NeuroDevelopmental Learning Through Movement for special needs from March 5, 2022 to March 13, 2022,  during which the Practitioners will give an intensive of two lessons a day for the client’s child, in a total of up to 12 lessons. Each lesson is 30-45 minutes long, in a schedule that will be set in advance and will be obligatory.

The Client agrees to pay the Practitioner for the services in the amount and terms set by this Contract. 

The client will arrange Payment to the Practitioner via PayPal or bank transfer detailed as follows: Client will pay any PayPal or Bank transaction or transfer fees up front upon registration in order to reserve a space in the intensive and/or workshop.

The Practitioners will conduct a free online preparatory group lesson and presentation of the method to the families.

Duration of the Contract and Its Termination 

This Contract enters into force upon its signing and continues until the Parties fulfil their obligation.

In the event of inability of the Practitioners to perform the services specified in this Contract, the Practitioner returns the funds to the clients in full within 7 banking days from the date of termination of this Contract

Liability of the Parties and Dispute Settlement Procedure

The Parties undertake to resolve disputes through negotiation. Unresolved disputes between the Parties shall be subject to consideration through the courts in accordance with the current legislation for any failure to perform the obligations hereunder the defaulting. 


Any cancellation by a family of the whole week or some sessions during the period should be paid fully. In case of sickness of the child or in any other case of unavailability, the parents can give the lesson over to someone else or attend themselves instead of the child.

Contract should be signed and the amount due paid in order to reserve a space for the client and their child.

If the Client is unable to attend the workshop and or lessons and wishes to be released from their obligations outlined in this contract they must arrange for another Client family to take their spot and pay in full.

Practitioners’ signature

The checked box below represent Practitioners’ signatures: Andrea Hennen, Eytan Lerner, Matty Wilkinson.


Client's signature



10 NeuroMovement® lessons for each child and 2-day parent workshop (with sessions just for adults and for adult and child together) to maximize continuity, positive and profound brain changes and support families to integrate neuroplasticity principles into their relationship with their child. Our highly experienced team of Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® practitioners, Andrea Hennen from Germany, Eytan Lerner from Canada and Matty Wilkinson from the United States will be working individually with children and debriefing their individual work with families in daily discussions to create a supportive and rich team approach. They will then share their experience and advice to families in a two-day workshop, helping parents learn the approach and providing an opportunity to experience the power of the brain change in group movement lessons. The workshop will also have allocated sessions with children to help parents integrate the apporoach in practice and ask questions. 


Lessons: 5-10 March 2022

Workshop: 12-13 March 2022 (10am-12pm with children 12-4pm – without children)


Losheim am See, Germany


Travel, accommodation and local information

Early bird price by February 1:

10 lessons + workshop €1060

10 lessons only €930

After February 1:

10 lessons + workshop €1250

10 lessons only €1060

Workshop only €320 for 1 participant, €580 for 2 participants, €200 per person for 3+ participants.

Inquire for pricing and availability of fewer than 10 lessons or for additional parent/caregiver to attend the workshop.