The Moving Center

Moving Stories are short videos where we share ideas on creating conditions that support learning and change for chidlren with special needs.

This is the first in a series of short talks focused on sharing our ideas on creating conditions that support learning and change for chidlren with special needs! Please let us know what you think.

Andrea narrates a very impactful story of Danny who starts to respond in his own ways to Andrea just after a few minutes of focused working with him. Her slow and gentle movements, done with presence and attention, led to a profound change for this child that had shown only very little response to the outer world before. Those small changes in his response gave a world of hope! A sense of connection is so important to establish while working with children with special needs and it can make a lot of difference in ways we can’t imagine. Watch this beautiful story.

Moving Story #3: “The Space Within: Variations support learning”. Eytan shares a story from his experience with J, a child on the Autistism spectrum. Eytan explains how he used variations in NeuroDevlopmental learning to allow J to develop greater autonomy and agency, and support the emergence of self.

It’s amazing what can happen when we slow down and respond our child in new ways. In this episode of Moving Stories Matty tells the story of a mother and a young girl who slowed down and created space for something new. What emerged was both surprising and powerful. Each Moving Stories episode highlights an aspect of our approach to neurodevelopmental learning through movement and attention.

There have been many magical moments during our intensive in Germany last month. One especially memorable lesson was when we worked together with Christoph, a bright 13 year old boy with cerebral palsy. As The Moving Center team we share experience and ideas with each other and are open to try sometimes unexpected approaches, if we feel it could benefit the child we are working with. This was one of those spontaneous ideas, which led to beautiful and profound learning.

We are pleased to share with you our next Moving Story! Here Andrea is discussing her lessons with Ariella, a 16 months-old girl, who was affected by dissociative movement disorder after a series of hospital procedures due to Spina Bifida.  This is a beautiful demonstration of the NeuroDevelopment Learning through Movement lessons for children, where learning flows through connection, playfulness and variations. Watch Ariella being fully engaged and enjoying rediscovering her hands!